Travel information



Two suitcases per person + hand luggage. Any additional luggage will be transported subject to free space available in the luggage storage area. Passengers will be responsible for their own hand luggage.

Bicycles will not be transported unless they have been packed correctly for transportation.

Bicycles must be perfectly packed and protected when being kept in the luggage compartment.

Customers must keep the receipt of their purchase in order to prove that the bike was bought in Spain or Andorra.



Only guide dogs are allowed on the cabin of the bus. Guide dogs and / or cats are permitted to travel in the boot of the bus on the condition that they make the entire journey inside a closed cage or other suitable container, always closed and safe, provided by the traveler.

In any case of animal transport, health documentation must be up to date and must be provided by its owner if requested by Andorra Direct Bus staff or the Police.



Smoking is not permitted anywhere on board the coach for legal reasons.

For legal and safety reasons, all passengers will be required to wear a seatbelt for the entire journey. We would like to remind you that non-compliance with this rule may result in a fine from the authorities.

For hygiene reasons and as a courtesy to other passengers, food may not be consumed on the coaches as they are hermetically sealed.



Phone bookings can be made on either of the following numbers: +376 805 151 or +34 902 10 92 76. All you need to provide is information on the name, surname, passport (or European ID card) number and the fare required (multiple trip discount, age discount) for each passenger.

You will be given a booking number over the phone which  you will then need to show when paying for the ticket at the ticket office window along with your valid border crossing documents. You will need to purchase your tickets a maximum of 30 minutes before departure time.

Once you have your tickets from the booking, you will be able to check in 15 minutes before departure.



We would like to remind you that the Principality of Andorra is not a member of the European Economic Community. As a result, you will not be able to travel to Barcelona without a valid travel document, depending on the passenger's nationality (for example, and Andorran driving licence or residency or work permit are not valid for travel).

Minors not carrying a police authorisation which allows them to travel alone will need to travel accompanied by a legally authorised adult.



When buying a return ticket, you have the option of buying an open return. This open return is valid for a maximum of six months. The return ticket can ve reimbursed at the office where it was purchased within this six-month period. However, the reduction for a return ticket will be taken off.

An open ticket is subject to free seats on the coach.

Once the open leg has been booked, it can be changed until two hours before the original return booking.



On December 24th, 25th and 31st and January 1st, timetables may vary. We will provide more detailed information on the timetables for these dates at the beginning of December.