Ticket policy

A) Responsibility – The transport agent’s responsibility is undertaken by the film effectively carrying out the transportation, being subjected to the law courts of the country where the transport agent is domiciled and to the laws of that country. The transport company involved in these trips may not be considered responsible for any action, omission or irregularity occurring to the traveller during the latter is outside the means of transportation. In case of theft or loss of the travel ticket, the Company declines all responsibility and will not replace. All travellers should have the correct documentation to enter, remain in and leave the countries from, through or to which they are travelling. In case of controversy, the parties involved will submit to the Arbitration Board of transports located in the transport agent’s domicile. 


B) Luggage- In the event of loss, damage or robbery of luggage, the compensation is governed by law R.D. 1136/97 July 11. Hand luggage shall be always at the traveller’s risk. 


C) Travel insurance – Travellers are covered by S.O.V.I., regulated by R.D. 1575/1989, December 22.


D) Refunds- The Company has the right to retain the 30% if the cancellation is made under that time and until 2 hours prior to the departure. After that time no refund will be made.


Multi-trip vouchers can be canceled free of charge up to 12 hours before the trip. After this period they are not refundable


In the event of a cancellation due to force majeure, the companies reserve the right to relocate the passenger to another frequency or to refund the total amount of the ticket. In any case, it doesn’t entitle you to any type of compensation.


The company is not responsible in any case for the possible loss of connections with other means of transport, due to possible delays that the service may suffer.


E) Open tickets – Any ticket that does not show the date of travel is not valid and will only be accepted depending on seats availability. 


F) Personal data protection – The ticket seller agency undertakes to keep its customers personal data in the strictest confidentiality and not to disclose it to a third party.